Located in the city of Murcia

Guay Spanish school

Learn Spanish in another way.


School specialized since 2013 in the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language

All teachers have a degree in Spanish Literature or Translation and Interpreting, a Master’s degree in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language (ELE), Instituto Cervantes training and experience.

Spacious and modern facilities adapted for disabled students: 4 classrooms, 3 bathrooms, lounge with study area, administration, kitchen for snacks, reception, library, computers, TV screens and WIFI.

We are in the center of Murcia, 5 minutes walk from the Cathedral.

Very close and personal treatment.

Small groups (maximum 8 people).

All levels are taught.

Preparation for official exams: DELE and SIELE.

Why study at Guay Spanish School?


Our teaching method is based on the material and guidelines established by the Instituto Cervantes, with both general and specific objectives for each student.

The courses follow both general and specific objectives for each level (A1-A2-B1-B2-C1-C2).

The approach is functional and interactive: listening, pronouncing and speaking. Grammar, the skeleton of every language, is studied in the context of situations, with concrete and contextualized approaches to internalize it quickly and be able to apply it immediately.

This is the key to a learning process that allows the student to internalise the language to be learnt, Spanish, in an effective way.

In short, communicative teaching in a real environment so that you are able to communicate and improve your Spanish.

The goal is for our students to integrate into the life of the city and learn the language by practicing it in their daily lives. Our lessons are the necessary complement to help them in this task, with a practical approach: solving the doubts that arise every day, helping them to face new linguistic situations, etc All in all, learning the language in a practical way.

Our vocation and commitment is to offer quality teaching, which allows our students to obtain the necessary linguistic competence in both academic and professional contexts.

Unlike other academies, we do not seek to organize activities aimed exclusively at our students, but to integrate them into existing activities and groups. The way to learn a language is to speak it, without being tedious, among friends, having fun and socializing.

Tell us what your interest is and we will find the perfect program for you!

As a philosophy: to offer a pleasant and welcoming environment, that you feel at home, that you make the most of your stay and have fun, that you are a local in Murcia!

We carry out environmental sustainability practices. We carry out environmental sustainability practices. The materials used in our decoration are recycled, some of our furniture is reused there is plenty of natural light, energy-saving light bulbs…

The facilities of Guay Spanish School are perfectly adapted and accessible to all our students, whatever their specific condition or need. We also provide appropriate accommodation and organize outdoor and sports activities for students with disabilities.


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