Cabo de palos

bay open to the Mediterranean

Region of Murcia

Perfect for learning Spanish

Ideas for visiting Cabo de Palos

Located South-East of Murcia región, it a small fishing village and also a tourist destination. It is has a very well-known gastronomy mainly becuase here you can find the best “ Caldero del Mar Menor”, a recipe of rice, local fishes – mainly groupe- and garlic. The main attraction here, however, is in the sea itself.

Diving and snorkelling are good throughout the year. Cabo de Palos is considered one of the best scuba diving sites in Spain. Hormiga Islands are 2.5 miles away from the coast.

The sea bed has been designated an Integral Marine Reserve for its exceptional beauty and excellent state of conservation. Here you will find reefs and corral deep underwater, as well as the remains of shipwrecks and sunken boats: a real adventure for scuba fans.

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