San Pedro
del Pinatar

Specially Protected Area of Importance for
the Mediterranean

Region of Murcia

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Ideas for visiting San Pedro del Pinatar

San Pedro del Pinatar (Saint Peter of the Pinewoods) is strategically located between the Mediterranean Sea coast and the Mar Menor (“Little Sea”).Tradtionally a seafaring and agricultural centre, San Pedro del Pinatar has become one of the principal tourist towns on Murcia’s Costa Cálida..

San Pedro del Pinatar saltworks are the most significant marshland area of Murcia’s Region and a unique Mediterranean coastal spot. They were stated Nature Reserve Regional Park on 1985. Within a relatively small space (700 Ha. -about 1.800 acres-) you can see terrain formations such as saltworks, dunes, salt marshes, reedbeds, large and wild sand beaches, pinetrees growing in the sands and “encañizadas” (Traditional fishing system in Mar Menor. The bird’s fauna is especially important. Flamingos are the kings of the area, because of their spectacular nature. There are two bird watching areas from which you can observe, also, many other birds, such as herons, eaglets, owls, storks, storklets (himantopus himpantopus) seagulls, charranes (sterna hirundo) chorlitos patinegros (charadrius alexandrinus) and avocetas (avosetta recurvirostra) among other species.

Other tourist attractions are the existing hotels-spas where you can find different medical treatments that use Mar Menor’s mud which has curative properties.

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