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Mar Menor

The Mar Menor (Small Sea) is the greatest natural lake in Spain. It is a salt water lagoon, adjacent to the Mediterranean Sea. Its special ecological and natural characteristics make the Mar Menor a unique natural place and the largest saltwater lake in Europe.

With a semicircular shape, it is separated from the Mediterranean Sea by a sand strip 22km in length and between 100 and 1200m wide, known as La Manga del Mar Menor (the Minor Sea’s Sandbar).. The lagoon has been designated by the United Nations as a Specially Protected Zone of Importance for the Mediterranean. Its coastal perimeter accounts for 73km of coast in which beaches follow one another with crystal clear shallow water (the maximum depth does not exceed 7m). The lake has an area of 170 square kilometers and it has some beautiful islands: Grosa, Mayor –also called Del Barón-, Perdiguera and Ciervo.

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