What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files used to store small pieces of information. They are stored on your device when the website is loaded in your browser. These cookies help us to make the website work properly, do it safer, to provide a better experience to the user and understand how the website works and to analyze what works and where you need to improve.
How do we use cookies?

As most online services, our website uses first and third part cookies for several purposes. First part cookies are necessary for the website to function properly, and do not collect any identifiable personal data.

Third -party cookies that are used on our website are mainly used to understand how the website works, how you interact with our website, keep our services safe, provide ads that are relevant to you, and ultimately provide you with a better and better user experience and help accelerate your future interactions with our website.

What types of cookies do we use?

They are essential: some cookies are essential for you to experience the complete functionality of our site. They allow us to maintain user sessions and prevent any security threat. They do not collect or store any personal information. For example, these cookies allow you to log in to your account and add products to your basket, and make the purchase safely.

Statistics: These cookies store information such as the number of visitors to the website, the number of unique visitors, the pages of the website that have been visited, the source of the visit, etc. These data help us understand and analyze the proper functioning of the website and where you need to improve.

Marketing: Our website shows ads. These cookies are used to customize the ads that we show you to be significant for you. These cookies also help us monitor the efficiency of these advertising campaigns.
The information stored in these cookies can also be used by third -party advertising suppliers to show advertisements on other websites on the browser as well.

Functional: These are cookies that help certain non -essential functionalities on our website. These functionalities include content embedding such as videos or sharing the content of the website in social media platforms.

Preferences: These cookies help us store their navigation configuration and preferences such as language preferences so that it has a better and efficient experience in future visits to the website.

The following list details the cookies used on our website.

Cookies que utiliza la web
_gaAnálisisSe usa para distinguir a los usuarios.Terceros2 años
_gidAnálisisSe usa para distinguir a los usuarios.Terceros24 horas
wordpress_FuncionalidadSe activa durante el login y guarda los detalles de autentificación.Propia1 año
wordpress_logged_in_FuncionalidadSe activa durante el login y guarda los detalles de autentificación.Propia1 año
wp-settings-FuncionalidadSirve para personalizar la Interfaz de Usuario.Propia1 año
wp-settings-time-FuncionalidadSirve para personalizar la Interfaz de Usuario.PropiaFinalización de la sesión
itsec-hb-loginFuncionalidadDesconocemos el origen de la cookieTercerosDesconocemos el origen de la cookie
CookieLawInfoConsentFuncionalidadSolo conexiones al mismo sitio web.Terceros1 año
CookieLawInfoConsentFuncionalidadSolo conexiones al mismo sitio web.Terceros1 año
cookielawinfo-checkbox-necessaryFuncionalidadSolo conexiones al mismo sitio web.Terceros1 año
cookielawinfo-checkbox-non-necessaryFuncionalidadSolo conexiones al mismo sitio web.Terceros1 año
viewed_cookie_policyFuncionalidadSolo conexiones al mismo sitio web.Terceros1 año
APISIDFuncionalidadpara estimar el ancho de banda.Terceros6 Meses
HSIDFuncionalidadpara proporcionar prevención del fraude ..Terceros24 Meses
PREFEstadísticapara almacenar y realizar un seguimiento de las visitas en los sitios webTerceros12 Meses
SIDCCdesconocidadesconocidadesconocida24 Meses
VISITOR_INFO1_LIVEFuncionalpara estimar el ancho de banda .Terceros6 Meses
YSCEstadísticapara almacenar una identificación de usuario única .Terceros6 Meses

If you decide to change your preferences later during your navigation session, you can click on the “Privacy and Cookies Policy” tab of your screen. In it, the consent notice will be shown again, which will allow you to change your preferences or withdraw your consent completely.

In addition, the different browsers offer different methods to block and eliminate cookies used by websites. You can change the configuration of your browser to block/delete cookies. For more information on how to manage and delete cookies, visit wikipedia.org, www.allaboutcookies.org.